89N Flashback: The first ever Mitch-A-Palooza brings great music for a better cause.

There are few communities that are more tight-knit than a music community. This can be large scale or small. The thing that makes any community of music fans special is the fact that they share a completely innocent common ground. Often, they grow with it and it becomes a part of them. As the music becomes a part of the fan, the fan becomes a part of the community. Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or every day, if you gather with your fellow fans, you know exactly what it feels like to be a part of it. It’s an indescribably escape and for many people, it makes life worth living.

“Mitchell A. Kraeling passed away this past October due to a long, 2 year battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. Mitch has been more involved with this music scene longer than anyone I know and his legacy will live on with us forever.” – Nick Amalfitano

It was incredible to see friends and fellow-fans of Mitch come together for the first ever Mitch-A-Palooza at 89 North this Sunday. Anyone who has experienced a great loss, knows of the many low points that follow, typically forever. However, when a person lived a life where they changed other people for the better, those who miss them can be lucky to feel their joy again, in different ways.

In the case of Mitch, it was apparent that there was no other way to honor his legacy than to hold a concert where his favorite bands, friends, and family enjoyed music in his name, with all of the proceeds going to the Eleventh South Wing for pediatric cancer patients at Stony Brook Medical Center.

The first band to play was Tomahawk Chop, which includes members who attended same high school as Mitch. With the venue already full of people decked out in “Too weird to live. Too rare to die.” shirts, the atmosphere was thick with anticipation. Tomahawk Chop was the perfect band to kick the night off. Soon after, No Good News kept spirits high with an energetic and captivating set.

Despite punk-rockers for a cause, Hostage Calm, dropping off of the show due to personal circumstances, there was no shortage of amazing music at this show. Bellwether delivered a set that was clearly drenched with passion added on for their beloved friend.

After Bellwether, Vinnie Caruana treated the crowd to songs from the span of his career with bands like I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife, and most notably, his solo works. Songs from Caruana’s latest release, A City By The Sea, such as “Boy, You’re in Heaven” resonated especially deeply at a show with so much importance.

Last but not least, fans were  treated to a rare, unplugged set from Long Island legends, Crime In Stereo, whose hardcore songs were given an entirely new life in a venue so intimate and an acoustic touch.


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