New Piracy treats Long Island to a rare set.

    Friday, January 25th was an epic night for metal and hard-rock fans of Long Island. Fans flooded the floor of 89 North immediately at the 7:30 door call, eager for a night of rock and roll. The nights entertainment would be two heavyweights of the local scene, Year of the Locust and New Piracy. Whether it was fireball, jack, or a bud in hand, every person in the room spent the hour before the music began to get amped for the show in the company of the tight-knit community that they are a part of. There is an indescribable engage in a room full of people who can enjoy the same music together countless times over countless years.

    Year of the Locust took the stage promptly at 8:30. Their set filled the room with an intense blend of grunge, metal, and hardcore. With years of experience under their belt, it was clear that Year of the Locust has perfected the combination of heavy and melodic. With strong vocals backed by an equally as strong band, their performance was captivating even to those who didn’t know who they were, though it was obvious that most people did.

    Shortly after Year of the Locust’s set ended, New Piracy began theirs, with just as demanding of a presence. Not long into the first song, a pit broke out in the center of the dance floor, hardcore fans filling the room with moshing, surrounded by others who were singing along to every word. It was apparent that although Year of the Locust has not had the most consistent presence throughout the career, these Patchogue natives have made a serious impact on their hometown. It could have been the fact that they haven’t been around in a while, but something tells me that it was the bands amazing musicality that brought such an energy to the room. Their blend of progressive metal was so clearly influenced by the Long Island scene early 2000’s, but held up today as just as exciting. New Piracy are what Long Island sounds like to me, and there was no better place to discover their corner of the music scene than 89 North.

    While metal fans have had their fair share of fun at 89 North in the form of tribute bands, it was refreshing to the most awesome extent to have a reminder that our hometown breeds some of the most awesome metal and hardcore acts that are out there. I’m sure that anyone who caught Friday’s show would agree.