Emily Kinney showcases her lesser known talent.

There are few people who are unaware of the hype surrounding AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, even if they’re not yet hooked on it themselves. Emily Kinney, ho plays Beth Greene, is known for the maternal character that she portrays on the show. However, when she took the stage at 89 North on Friday, February 1st, the walls of preconception were shattered. She was here as Emily Kinney, a young and talented musician with stars in her eyes. With support from a great friend of Emily’s, Alice Lee, and a soulful Long Island local, Christine Holt, girl power was in the house.

Fans of all ages came out to the show, some eager to enjoy music, and some interested in what else one of their favorite actresses has to offer. Emily treated lucky fans to a pre-show meet and greet and the atmosphere was as relaxed and warm as Emily herself.

Christine Holt kicked the show off with a mix of original songs, and covers of top 40′s hits with an original twist. Girl with a guitar has been done countless times over, but Christine’s mature voice and catchy songwriting bring something different to the table. With certain original songs boasting rapped verses paired with heartfelt choruses, and contemporary hits such as Lorde’s “Royals” performed with that Christine Holt twist, the crowd was properly warmed up for the rest of the night.

Alice Lee was up next with an energetic blend of pop and folk. Her music was attention demanding and just as quirky as her presence was. Upbeat and energetic, Alice’s set flew by and stole the ears of everyone in the room, whether they had heard of her before or not. There is no doubt that Alice gained a roomful of fans with her music and her charm.

Although the night soared by, there was no doubt that the audience was anxiously awaiting the final act of the night. Emily Kinney replaced Alice Lee on stage, while the rest of the band remained the same, and ready to perform more. With a voice that can only be described as angelic, Kinney effortlessly delivered a show worth swooning over. Kinney’s performance was laced with sultry, personal ballads, and uplifting, entertaining tracks. The mix was dynamic enough to keep the crowd entertained, but Emily’s contagious personality kept the crowd even more captivated. She provided anecdotes for nearly every song that she performed, providing a personal touch and proving just how attached to her music she is. It is easier to fall in love with what an artist presents, when they are already in love with it themselves. Emily soared through tracks from “Julie” to “Blue Toothbrush” and closed out the night with the incredible “Masterpiece”.

Any member of the 89 North crowd left undoubtedly impressed and more-than-content after three performances, one sweeter than the next. It is exciting to wonder what the careers of these three ladies holds in the future, and with music as impressive as her acting, Emily Kinney proved that we should expect the unexpected.

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